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Welcome to Aliz’s Wonderland!

My name is Aliz Krammer (the Hungarian version of Alice). I was born and raised in Hungary, and I live in Budapest. Starting to understand? Yes, Alice in Wonderland with some modifications 😉 I appreciate the little things and the world is my Wonderland!

I’m obsessed with travel planning, specialty coffee, tasty brunch, colourful cutenesses like unicorns and rainbows. And laughing makes me feel alive.

My Wonderland is the right place for you if you …

  • are always ready to figure out your next travel destination

Would you like to know everything about your dream destination?

Always look forward to checking a box on your bucket list?

Do you read travel guides before travel?

Can’t stop pinning exciting travel content on Pinterest?

  • are obsessed with Instagrammable food & coffee

Are you a foodie and like to try out local dishes?

Like to post your delicious brunch and coffee on Instagram?

Try to stay/be healthy, but one cheat day per week is okay?

Try to recreate that local dessert from your trip?

  • need a virtual crazy friend (not that crazy, just a bit…)

I’m here for you!

Aliz’s Wonderland | About
Aliz’s Wonderland | About
Aliz’s Wonderland | About

Why did I create this travel blog?

I always loved to travel, discover new places, try out the local dishes and drinks. During university, I didn’t have to worry about holidays, after graduating I got a job and realized that I have only 22 holidays per year… which isn’t a lot!

So I use my precious holidays only for travelling, and I also plan them carefully. I love to read about the next destination, figure out where to go, what to eat, where are the best sunset spots and which are the best coffee shops. I’m a bit obsessed with travel planning trips and itineraries.

My friends always rely on me because I know where to go. Even in Budapest, where I live more than 10 years ago, I choose brunch places or recommend places to my friends’ friends and parents. I love being a tourist in this wonderful city and share my experiences and tips.

And one day browsing through Pinterest, I discovered travel blogs… Light bulb! I could also have a blog and share my travel experiences, best places in Budapest and my ideas would be in one place. This way, I could help my travel lover friends to make the most out their trip. So I launched my blog in 2017.

Thank you for being here and reading this 🙂

Want to be part of my Wonderland and be my friend? (Yeah, I know. It sounds a bit awkward to use the friend word for a stranger, but who knows?!)

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Nice to have you here!

See you soon 😉