Welcome to my Wonderland!

You are in the right place if you are interested in travel, simple recipes, home decoration and design.

Let me introduce myself!

My name is Aliz (the Hungarian version of Alice). I was born and raised in Hungary and I live in Budapest.

Starting to understand? 😉 Yes, Alice in Wonderland with some modifications 😉 I’m not dreaming like Alice, this is the real world!

My friends sometimes say, that I live in my own joyful wonderland, especially when I see a cute squirrel on the tree and start to clap or when I’m staring at a colourful rainbow (double rainbows make me super happy) 😀 I always try to find the good things (like the rainbow in the rain:) ).

Furthermore, I am obsessed with colourful cuteness. Yeah, it’s easy to make me happy, even little things can make me laugh.

Why I created this world?

In the little (and big) special moments, I want to share the feeling with the people around me to make them laugh and happy.

My friends and colleagues adore my cakes and sweets, and always ask for the recipes. I also recommend them some new places in the city and can’t wait to discover new places. I’m an architect, maybe you won’t be surprised if I say: I like everything that belongs to architecture, design and home decoration.

In this blog I can unite my favourite obsessions:

  • travel & architecture
  • home decoration & design
  • baking and blending

If you are still reading this, you just made me happy 😀 In return, I would really like to make you happy by sharing my travel itineraries, home decoration ideas and recipes.


Why should you be part of my Wonderland?

My Wonderland is the right place for you if you …

  • are always ready to figure out your next travel destination

Always look forward to discovering your next dream journey?

Would you like to know everything from your dream destination?

Do you read travel guides before travel?

I show you the must-see places like architectural and natural treasures, also must-try restaurants, bars and coffee shops because we have to taste the local food and drink.

  • can’t stop pinning awesome home decor ideas on Pinterest

Interested in fresh design & decoration trends?

Struggling with how to create more personal & cosy spaces?

Need affordable ideas & inspirations in home decoration?

Ready for easy DIY ideas?

I share the best pins with you about interiors, home decoration, furniture & product design.

I give you ideas how to transform your home.

  • are obsessed with colourful smoothies and desserts

Are you busy and prefer easy and quick recipes?

Try to stay/be healthy, but also like cupcakes?

Believe me, I know it’s hard to control ourselves, I really like to eat literally almost everything. Read my healthy smoothie & breakfast recipes with ingredients guide and health benefits. But at the weekend we deserve to eat something less healthy, you can find my dessert recipes as well.

  • need a virtual crazy friend (not that crazy, just a bit…)?

I’m here for you!

Don’t be afraid to contact me 😉


What do you think? Would you like to be my friend? (Yeah, I know. It sounds a bit awkward to use the friend word for a stranger, but who knows?!)

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See you soon 😉