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Packing list for Brazil

Packing list for Brazil | Aliz’s Wonderland


I’m going to Brazil 🙂 I can’t express how super excited I am about this trip. I’ll travel to South-Brazil, to the area of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

I am so excited and can’t stop smiling 🙂 Just thinking what I will leave at home. I have the most important things: passport, boarding pass and vaccines (inside my body). My luggage is almost full, so everything should be okay.


What to pack for Brazil?


Valid passport + visa (if needed)

My passport is valid! Yesssss! It depends on your country, for me it can’t be expired till I’ll leave the country. Hungarians don’t need tourist visa, but if I wanted to work there, I would need visa.


Make copies of your documents

Brazil is dangerous country, so you can be robbed any time. I hope the situation isn’t that serious, but get ready for the worst situation.

Make a good quality copy of your passport, identity card and carry the copy with you instead of the real one. Your photo should be clean and recognizable.



This will sound a bit scary, I apologize in advance… I red on the website of consulate. You should always have some cash in case of a robbery, so you can hand out your cash.

The other reason is: some places don’t accept card.


Vaccines and vaccination book

Make sure to check the required vaccines if you are travelling to a different continent. I get 3 vaccines for my trip: Hepatitis A, Yellow fever and Typhoid. I won’t visit the jungle, so I didn’t get vaccine against malaria, but it’s necessary in case you visit the Amazonas

Don’t forget your yellow little notebook (the official name is International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis) at home 😉


Mosquito repellent

When I get my vaccines, the doctor recommended me one type: Ben’s. He said I should use it every day and before I go to bed. The effect of a mosquito bite can be dangerous.

Packing list for Brazil | Aliz’s Wonderland



Brazilian summers are very hot and the sunshine is intense. The temperature in Rio de Janeiro can be 50 Celsius degrees. Always use sunscreen against burning down, it’s important to protect your skin from damage. Apply it every 5-6 hours or more frequently if needed.

Drink at least 2 liters of water a day to hydrate yourself.



Locals wear very tiny bikinis showing lot more skin than usual. The less is the best, as my boyfriend said.

So buy a tanga. I couldn’t buy tanga in Budapest, so I’ll have to buy it in Brazil. I don’t mind, there the selection will be much bigger in colours and patterns 🙂 Maybe I’ll buy a Brazilian bikini with pineapples or tropical pattern.



The next must have for the beach is canga, which is the Brazilian beach towel. Brazilians don’t use normal towels at the beach. Canga is more practical, because it’s bigger and lighter than a towel. Available in may colours and patterns, I get one from my boyfriend, so this item is also checked.

Packing list for Brazil | Aliz’s Wonderland


Light dresses and shorts for summer

The weather is super hot, especially in summer.

Avoid wearing expensive and conspicuous clothes and jewellery (I also red this on the website of consulate). I might have a problem with that, because I like my colourful tropical patterned long dresses.


Raincoat / umbrella

As I said summer is very hot, but it is also the rainy season. This means there are 2-3 hours long heavy showers during the day. If you’d like to stay dry bring a raincoat or umbrella.


Flip-flops /Havaianas

Every Brazilian have Havaianas. I will also buy a pair on the beach to act like a local. These famous flip-flops can be found across the world, but it’s more special to buy Havaianas in the country of origin.


And so so many thing: toothbrush, phone charger, the list is endless 😉

What is the most important thing for you to bring?

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