Day 5 in Malta – Ghajn Tuffieha bay

Day 5 in Malta - Ghajn Tuffieha bay

The last day on Malta….. We had only the morning, so we visited the Ghajn Tuffieha bay. Was very hard to leave the beach, because on Monday morning it was very peaceful and awesome. I would recommend visiting another nearby bay, Gnejna bay, which is the 3rd sandy beach in this area. You can also stop by in the city of Mgarr, located between Ghajn Tuffieha bay and Gnejna bay.

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Ghajn Tuffieha bay  

Situated at the western coastline between Golden bay and Gnejna bay. This bay is also surrounded by cliffs. Not as touristic as Golden bay, for me, Ghajn Tuffieha bay is more likeable.

We visited it on Monday morning as our last destination. First, we checked the view from the tower. I’ll be honest, we went that way accidentally, we walked along the parking area to the defence tower. The view is great from there, the Golden bay is also visible.

Day 5 in Malta - Ghajn Tuffieha bay

Day 5 in Malta - Ghajn Tuffieha bay

Day 5 in Malta - Ghajn Tuffieha bay

The bay looks very mystical with reddish sand when you are going down the stairs. The water is low initially then gets deeper, so perfect for children. The sea might be wavy sometimes depending on the currents and the weather condition.

Day 5 in Malta - Ghajn Tuffieha bay

Day 5 in Malta - Ghajn Tuffieha bay

Lifeguards are there in the summer season because the beach won the Blue Flag quality, so it has to provide 1st quality service. Sun chair and umbrella rental are also available.

I read that the sunset at Ghajn Tuffieha bay is magnificent. So this beach could be the perfect place to finish your day too.

How to get there?

It is only a few minutes from Golden bay, you can follow the Golden bay sign and after that the Ghajn Tuffieha bay sign. There is a big car park on the top of the hill.

You can reach it on foot easily from the Golden bay, walking up on the cliffs to the tower, then down to the bay, in the meantime enjoy the view from the top.

The “Riviera” bus stop belongs to the beach. Reachable by the following bus lines: 44, 101, 223, 225.

Where to eat?

At the foot of the stairs, there is a café. At the car park, you can find a small kiosk too.


Gnejna bay

Situated at the western coastline, south from Golden bay and Ghajn Tuffieha bay. This is the 3rd sandy beach in the row. Here you can find sand, pebbles and flat rocks too. The bay is smaller and less crowded. Little boathouses are carved into the hill on the southern part, used by boat owners and local fishermen.

Sun chair and umbrella rental is available.

How to get there?

The bays are almost next to each other, however, you have to drive 5 km from Ghajn Tuffieha bay to Gnejna bay. The parking area is situated beside the beach.

On foot the distance is 1,5 km on the side of the hill, offering an amazing view from the steep paths.

Its bus stop is called “Gnejna”, and only the bus line 101 stops there.


Soooooo, which was your favourite beach on the western coastline? Golden bay, Ghajn Tuffieha bay or Gnejna bay? I’m voting for Ghajn Tuffieha 😉

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