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DIY Origami envelope

DIY Origami envelope | Aliz’s Wonderland

Forgot to buy an envelope?

Want to create your own envelope?

Or need a unique way to wrap Christmas gifts?

Not a problem, I have the solution. You just need A4 paper and sticker or tape.

I show you few creative folding techniques from A4 paper and square paper (created from A4). Of course, you can work with bigger paper depending on your gift sizes.

Have you bought your Christmas gift? Don’t leave it for the last minutes.

I will give “experiences” to my loved ones. I prefer to surprise my friends and family with something priceless and meaningful. I bought it, so it has a price of course, but I give them adventure, event, happening and time to spend with me 🙂 Priceless 😉

Read my post about How to choose the perfect Christmas gift? And you will understand what I’m talking about.

Soooo I hand out the ticket / gift card / postcard in envelopes. I created my DIY Christmas patterns on A4 papers and folded envelopes from the wrapping papers.

Make your presents personal with a special postcard and a unique package. Check out the Christmas gift wrapping paper ideas or if you are lack of time to create your handmade patterns, download my pine branch and heart-shaped patterns.


Materials for your DIY envelope

  • Gift wrapping paper (A4)
  • Ruler
  • Sticker (+ pine branch for decoration)


Try out my folding methods

I present 4 easy and quick techniques for you to choose the best one for your gift. They are super simple, you just have to follow my instructions and fold this way, that way, up, left, aeroplane, down, right…

Just kidding, keep reading and you will see 😉


DIY Minimal envelope

DIY Origami minimal envelope | Aliz’s Wonderland

  1. Fold the present in three parts in equal length, this folding is more elegant than the average folding of an A4 paper (horizontally in half and vertically in half folding).
  2. Place it on the wrapping paper with the paper’s patterned side facing down, so it will be visible from the outside. Fold the bottom of the paper to cover the half of your present.
  3. Fold the rest of the wrapping paper covering the gift.
  4. Close the folded envelope with a sticker.


DIY Longish envelope

DIY Origami longish envelope | Aliz’s Wonderland

  1. Fold the present in three parts in equal length, this folding is more elegant than the average folding of an A4 paper (horizontally in half and vertically in half folding).
  2. Turn around the A4 wrapping paper. With a ruler connect one corner at the half of the opposite side.
  3. Fold the paper with the help of the ruler, then unfold.
  4. Fold again on the line of the next corner, perpendicular to the previous line. Open the fold.
  5. Repeat this on the other longer side of the gift.
  6. Then fold the last side as well and open it.
  7. Fold the longer sides.
  8. Slide one of the triangular corners into the other.
  9. Fold again the last part. Almost ready.
  10. Close the envelope with a sticker. You can decorate with a pine branch.


DIY Square envelope

DIY Origami square envelope | Aliz’s Wonderland

  1. Get your paper and the A6 postcard.
  2. Create a square from the A4 wrapping paper.
  3. Examine your pattern, I’d like to see the most beautiful pattern piece on top, so that part should be on top when you turn around the wrapping paper.
  4. Sign the half of the 2 bottom sides and place your gift 1 centimetre above that line.
  5. Fold the right and left sides.
  6. Fold the bottom part.
  7. Repeat with the top triangle. Do you see? The best pattern is there!
  8. Finally, close the envelope with a sticker. You can also decorate with a piece of a pine branch.


DIY Envelope for a gift card

DIY Origami envelope for gift card | Aliz’s Wonderland

  1. You need a square paper.
  2. Fold your paper in half, so the pattern will be visible.
  3. Get your ruler. I folded a 21×21 cm sized paper (from A4 paper), so the diameter is around 30 cm.
  4. Fold one of the left corners at the third part. I measured 9,8 cm, so this way the envelope won’t be too narrow.
  5. Repeat with the right corner.
  6. Slip one of the triangular corners into the other.
  7. Fold the triangular top. Place your present between the 2 layers.
  8. Aaaaand close it with a sticker. That’s it, your envelope is done!


Did you like my wrapping paper? Wrap your Christmas presents with this free printables.

Or you can DO IT YOURSELF! (So weird to write down the long version 😉 )

Create your homemade Christmas wrapping paper! Read my post about DIY Christmas gift wrapping paper ideas.

Have fun! Which one is your chosen?

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    I love it!!! We will use the longish envelope for your wedding invitations ♥️

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      Thanks Dee! I really like the long envelope design 🙂

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