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  • DIY magazine holder from cereal box and contact paper | Aliz’s Wonderland
    DIY, Home decoration

    DIY magazine holder

    Happy spring again! Spring can mean a lot of things for you… Blooming flowers, sunshine, almost summer mood oooooor spring clean. Didn’t expect this??? Haha, sorry but it’s SPRING CLEAN time! I am sure you also need to organize and clean your home. Here is…

  • DIY Origami envelope | Aliz’s Wonderland
    DIY, Home decoration

    DIY Origami envelope

    Forgot to buy an envelope? Want to create your own envelope? Or need a unique way to wrap Christmas gifts? Not a problem, I have the solution. You just need A4 paper and sticker or tape. I show you few creative folding techniques from A4…

  • DIY Christmas gift wrapping paper ideas - with free printables | Aliz’s Wonderland
    DIY, Home decoration

    DIY Christmas gift wrapping paper ideas + free printables

    Excited about Christmas? Ready for a little DIY? Create your own special gift wrapping paper for the Holidays in a super easy way. You need only paper, paint and the “pattern”. What kind of shapes and patterns remind you of Christmas? Christmas tree, star, heart, snow,…

  • iamart Cement Tile Manufacturer | Budapest Design Week 2017
    Home decor & design, Home decoration, Hungary

    Budapest Design Week 2017

    Budapest Design Week started in 2014, initiated by the Hungarian Design Council. The festival is around September and October, it’s more than a week, this year it was 10 days long, started the 6th and finished on the 15th of October. The design week is…