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  • Easy 3-ingredient watermelon smoothie | Aliz’s Wonderland
    Recipe, smoothie & drink

    Easy 3-ingredient watermelon smoothie

    Summer is for watermelon (and other fruits as well). But watermelon is like water, I just start to eat it and it’s hard to stop. I have an upgraded watermelon recipe for you. It’s like red lemonade. This quick and easy 3-ingredient watermelon smoothie is…

  • Walnut crust pie with blackberry curd, a super delicious fruity cake recipe | Aliz’s Wonderland
    dessert, Recipe

    Walnut crust pie with blackberry curd

    Walnut crust pie with blackberry curd is super delicious, I’m serious! The crust is made of walnut, biscuit and ginger, but the best part is the blackberry curd #omnomnom … If you want to make a refreshing fruity cake, read more to know how to prepare…

  • Antioxidant triple berry smoothie with blackberry, blueberry and raspberry | Aliz’s Wonderland
    Recipe, smoothie & drink

    Antioxidant triple berry smoothie

    After my last pinky home decor post, here is a (dark) pinky smoothie recipe 🙂 This antioxidant triple berry smoothie is made of blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and almond milk. It’s super easy to prepare from these 4 simple and healthy ingredients. The season of berries is finally here,…

  • Delicious milky vanilla bars with strawberry | Aliz’s Wonderland
    dessert, Recipe

    Delicious milky vanilla bars with strawberry

    These creamy vanilla milky bars are the perfect combination of milk, eggs and few other ingredients. The strawberries make the taste more magical. Super easy to make, just mix the ingredients and that’s it. Okay not this easy, so don’t skip the recipe on the…

  • Easy to make tasty detox lemonade with 5 ingredients | Aliz’s Wonderland
    Recipe, smoothie & drink

    Tasty detox lemonade

    Do you drink enough water and get enough vitamins? Boost your immune system with this lemonade, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This refreshing detox lemonade is also called flat belly water, it’s flavoured with lemon, cucumber, ginger and mint. I like to drink this…

  • Ricotta cheesecake with lemon curd | Aliz’s Wonderland
    dessert, Recipe

    Ricotta cheesecake with lemon curd

    This ricotta cheesecake is almost a normal cheesecake, but not exactly. The cream cheese is mixed with ricotta, so it won’t be as tall as the traditional one. But the taste is mmmmm 🙂 The crust is covered with the ricotta cream cheese mixture and…

  • Quindim, the traditional Brazilian dessert | Aliz’s Wonderland
    dessert, Recipe

    Quindim, the traditional Brazilian dessert

    Quindim is a classical Brazilian dessert (sobremesa in Portuguese). The smaller size is made in mini cake mold (ramekin) and called Quindim. I prepared the bigger size, which is called Quindão. This way more people can taste it because it’s bigger. Made from only 5…

  • Delicious lemon curd from 4 ingredients | Aliz’s Wonderland
    dessert, Recipe

    Lemon curd from 4 ingredients

    This creamy lemon curd is made from 4 simple ingredients. Super easy to prepare and lemon gives a fresh taste to the curd. The perfect combination of the sweet and sour flavour. I use this curd on top of cakes and even put it into…

  • Pumpkin cookie with chocolate chips | Aliz’s Wonderland
    dessert, Recipe

    Pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips and oats

    Pumpkin season and Halloween is here, yes yes yes. Around fall I always see the pumpkin and butternut squash at the market, I can’t resist buying some. It is healthy and super delicious if you just simply bake it in the oven. Pumpkin and butternut…