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  • Easy 3-ingredient watermelon smoothie | Aliz’s Wonderland
    Recipe, smoothie & drink

    Easy 3-ingredient watermelon smoothie

    Summer is for watermelon (and other fruits as well). But watermelon is like water, I just start to eat it and it’s hard to stop. I have an upgraded watermelon recipe for you. It’s like red lemonade. This quick and easy 3-ingredient watermelon smoothie is…

  • Antioxidant triple berry smoothie with blackberry, blueberry and raspberry | Aliz’s Wonderland
    Recipe, smoothie & drink

    Antioxidant triple berry smoothie

    After my last pinky home decor post, here is a (dark) pinky smoothie recipe 🙂 This antioxidant triple berry smoothie is made of blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and almond milk. It’s super easy to prepare from these 4 simple and healthy ingredients. The season of berries is finally here,…

  • Strawberry spinach smoothie with ginger
    Recipe, smoothie & drink

    Strawberry spinach smoothie with ginger

    This creamy green smoothie contains only 4 ingredients and is perfect for any time of the day. This vitamin bomb is a perfect energy-boosting smoothie. Let’s see what I’m talking about! Ingredients guide: Strawberry Strawberry has a lot of health benefits. Contains vitamin A, B…

  • Tropical pineapple smoothie
    Recipe, smoothie & drink

    Tropical pineapple smoothie

    This easy and quick tropical pineapple smoothie is made with just 3 ingredients. The coconut milk and unique taste of cardamom make the pineapple very delicious. It’s perfect for any time of the day. One of my colleagues asked me the other day in the…