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How to choose the perfect Christmas gift?

Christmas time is almost here 🙂

The Christmas holidays are so peaceful and loving for me, but before Christmas everyone has the same problem: What should I give my loved ones?

We always look for the perfect gift for family and friends to make them joyful. I like to observe the faces when they unwrap my presents, it’s so good to see their happy faces and smiles.

During the university we had lot of deadlines before Christmas, I didn’t have time to buy presents in time, so I left the shopping for the last days. In the malls (and almost everywhere) people madly look for the perfect present. I hate this crazy rush for the gifts, I’d like to run away from the mall. Since I’ve finished the university I always buy my presents in November or sooner.

This is the 21st century, so we don’t have to go to the shopping mall, it’s possible to buy present in front of the computer. Always count on the longer delivery time before the Holidays, many people prefer to take care of the gifts via internet. Order the gifts in time in this case.

Make sure, don’t leave it for the last days! Avoid the crowd in the shopping mall and don’t waste your precious time there.

Let’s go back to the subject, it’s not my intention to waste your time 😉

One of the hardest part is the idea.

What should I give her/ him?

Have no idea what to place under the tree?

Don’t buy some insignificant thing, because she/he will think: okay it’s nice, but what should I do with this thingy?

Happened with everyone, but make this year different.

I give you few ideas about that.

The perfect Christmas gift | Aliz’s Wonderland


The secret wish

The best case when you already know what to buy, because she / he made a hint about it. Always listen carefully before the Holidays (and every time 😉 )

During the year you can make notes, if your loved one wishes for something. Write it down! Remember!

She was obsessed with that cute bag in her favourite store, but she didn’t want to spend money on it. Go back and buy it for her.

His laptop bag is old and torn. He will need a new one to carry his laptop. Purchase him a new one, so when he grabs the bag, it will remind him to you.

Your mom’s cream will be over soon. You can’t let her skin to dry for the winter season 😉

Your dad doesn’t have a wine bottle holder? Good deal: functional and stylish.

Your sister is a cupcake and baking lover? Surprise her with some baking equipments, she will thank you for that with trying out the new tool.

Your brother’s headphone is old and dirty? Present him with a new one for a better sounds.

What are you waiting for?


Give experience

Collecting experiences are more valuable than putting another present onto the shelf. (Yeah, we need to put things onto the shelf, but leave it for the person, who knows exactly what he or she wants.)

Everyone has some obsessions, just think about it! You know the person, so free your mind and find the perfect experience. What is his/her dream?

Is she or he a music / classical music fan?

Does your friend like to travel or need a peaceful day/ weekend somewhere?

Like to experiment in the kitchen?

Buy experiences to remember that any time: tickets for concert, theatre, exhibition, workshop, massage, cooking class, flight ticket, wellness day or weekend. Make it meaningful.

You can collaborate with family and / or family members to buy something more valuable together.

Don’t forget to wrap it up! The present is a piece of paper in case you buy a concert ticket, so don’t hand over without an envelope.

You can buy a special one in a stationery or fold DIY origami envelope with Christmas pattern. Here are some ideas for decoration and patterns in my DIY Christmas gift wrapping paper ideas post.

The perfect Christmas gift - Give experience | Aliz’s Wonderland

Don’t have time to be creative? You can download my free printable Christmas wrapping paper patterns:

Buy a book

Book is always a good idea, books are useful and entertaining.

Yeah, I know… Unfortunately not everyone likes to read. But everyone is interested in something. It doesn’t have to be a romantic story or a sci-fi. There are plenty of books about hobbies, travel, movies, history, art, design, music, language, health, gastronomy and cooking & baking (just to mention some).

I sometimes read the book top lists for ideas. Or if you aren’t sure about your selection, buy a gift card topped up with money.

The perfect Christmas gift - Buy a book | Aliz’s Wonderland

Few of my favourite books

Jane Teller: Nothing

Jane Teller’s book Nothing is about kids, who try to prove to their classmate, that life has meaning. It is very instructive and shocking to read the motivations of the kids.

Sofi Oksanen: When the doves disappeared

Sofi Oksanen is a Finnish-Estonian writer, I red many of her books. One of my favourite is When the doves disappeared, which is about two families during the 2nd World War and 20 years later. The story shows how war can change your opinion about friendship, betrayal and love.

Khaled Hosseini: The Kite runner

Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite runner is must-read book. I bought it to my mom 2 years ago for Christmas, she loved it, so the whole family red it. The book tells the friendship of two kids in Afghanistan, but there’s so much more in the background, so I won’t tell you more, just read it 😉

Stephen Chbosky: The perks of being a wallflower

The perks of being a wallflower is one of my favourite book. I would recommend it to teenagers and millennials. Our main character, Charlie has to deal with his life (like everyone else), his loss, new friendships and love. Not an average teenage novel, this will make you cry and laugh at the same time.

Paulo Coelho: Veronika decides to die

I’m not a big Coelho fan (don’t judge me), but this is an amazing one. It follows the days of Veronika after her failed suicide attempt.


Surprise with sweet moments

Bake some cookies.

You might think: Hahaha I can’t bake and don’t have the equipments.

Yes, you can if you want it and try it. Don’t need to make a 7 layer cake with cream filling and everything. Keep it simple.

Every year I bake gingerbread for my family and friends. Aaaaaand I personalize it 😉 Write their name onto the gingerbread and make them even more happy.

The perfect Christmas gift - Gingerbread with names | Aliz’s Wonderland

My parents are always so happy for it, my dad boasts with his gingerbread every time someone arrives. He is into every kind of cakes and desserts, but he doesn’t eat the gingerbread with his “DAD” sign, because it has been made specially for him and feels himself special, because he is 🙂

You can choose any kind of recipe, here is something easier with butternut squash and chocolate chips. This pumpkin cookie also has Xmas smell thanks to cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves.

Pumpkin cookie with chocolate chips, butternut squash, oats, cinnamon, clove and honey | Aliz’s Wonderland


Try the cake pop recipe of Sally’s baking addiction.

The perfect Christmas gift - Prepare cake pops | Aliz’s Wonderland

Put into a cute box and they will love it!

Enjoy your time in the kitchen!


Create a handmade present

We appreciate homemade gifts very much, because it was made especially for us 🙂

Don’t be afraid to use your own hands, nowadays DIY is so trendy. There are loads of ideas and inspirations on Pinterest. Check out some from my favourites:

Christmas ornaments from pom poms and pinecones by One little project. Easy to make and look amazing. You can prepare it playfully using more colours or choose the simple style with one colour. The family can use the ornaments in the following years too.

The perfect Christmas gift - DIY pom poms and pinecones | Aliz’s Wonderland

Make a marbled planter (I also have this), you need few nail polishes, a bucket with water and a planter. Follow the instructions of oh joy!

The perfect Christmas gift - DIY marbled planter | Aliz’s Wonderland

Let me show you the next marble miracle: marbled clay ring tray by A Beautiful Mess

The perfect Christmas gift - DIY marbled clay ring tray | Aliz’s Wonderland

Is she or he adventurous? Create monthly/ weekly tasks and put the papers into a cute glass. It looks good and it’s personalized. Thank you, Pretty designs

The perfect Christmas gift - DIY tasks in bottle | Aliz’s Wonderland

The terrazzo style soap by fall for diy is soooooo stylish, works for bathroom decoration as well.

The perfect Christmas gift - DIY terrazzo style soap | Aliz’s Wonderland

Does she or he love taking bath? Prepare a bath bomb by Camille Styles.

The perfect Christmas gift - DIY bath bomb | Aliz’s Wonderland

More inspiration for your bathlover partner: rose petal bath salts by Paper & Stitch.

The perfect Christmas gift - DIY rose petal bath salts | Aliz’s Wonderland

These chunky tassel bookmarks by Homey Oh My are totally cool for booklovers. 

The perfect Christmas gift - DIY chunky tassel bookmarks | Aliz’s Wonderland

Did you get any idea what to prepare or buy for your loved ones? I hope so!


Tell me 3 words that first come into your mind about Christmas! Maybe: Jesus, the 3 apostle, angels. Or family, feast, celebrating. It might be: kissing under mistletoe. If I would be a child, my words would be: present, cakes, snowman.

Let me think… My 3 words are: Christmas tree, family, happiness.

What are your words?

Merry Christmas in advance 😉